Algebra - Project 4

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Finding Resources on...

  • A mathematician or group of mathematicians
  • How a culture used or uses mathematics
  • How a specific mathematical idea was used by various people

Library Books

General Mathematics

- Books about math can generally be found under the call number 510.
- You can search for books about math in the UIUC catalog by searching for "Mathematics" as a subject heading.
- The Uni High Library has the following books in our reference section:
The Universal Book of Mathematics: From Abracadabra to Zeno's Paradoxes R 510.3 D249u
Encyclopedia of Mathematics R Q. 510.3 T159e
Mathematics (Volumes 1-4) R Q. 510 M4228

History of Mathematics

- The Uni High Library has several books on the history of mathematics, and most are under the call number 510.9.
- You can search for books about the general history of mathematics in the UIUC catalog by searching for "Mathematics--History" as a subject heading. You might want to try more specific searches as well, such as "Mathematics--History--16th century" or "Mathematics--History--China." Try browsing the list of subject headings that comes up when you search for "Mathematics--History" for a subject heading that would be more specific to your topic.
- The Uni High Library has the following books in our reference section:
History of Modern Science and Mathematics (Volumes 1-4) R Q. 509 H629
Science in Ancient Civilizations R Q. 509 W588h


- Some books about mathematicians can be found in the call number range of 510.92 - 510.924. You could also check the Biographies section if you are writing about a very famous mathematician, but it isn't a very large selection.
- You can search for books about specific mathematicians in the UIUC catalog by searching by subject heading and entering the mathematicians name LastName, FirstName.
- The Uni High Library has the following book in our reference section:
A to Z of Women in Science and Math R 509.22 Y883a


Encyclopedia Britannica Online -
This database has many biographies of famous mathematicians as well as articles on East Asian and South Asian mathematics.

Credo Reference
Use Credo Reference to search across 422 reference books including dictionaries, encyclopedias, and subject-specific resources.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Full-text access to dozens of encyclopedias in all subject areas.


History of Mathematics Archive -
This website is an archive of mathematician biographies and articles on the history of math around the world. Click on "Biographies Index" to search by name or time period, or click on "History Topics Index" to view the list of cultures.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians -
This website is a collection of short biographies of women mathematicians. Click on "Alphabetical Index" at the top to find a specific mathematician, or "Chronological Index" to browse by time period.

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora -
Find profiles of hundreds of mathematicians of African descent. This website was compiled by Professor Scott Williams.

PlanetMath -
This website is a collaboratively created virtual community about mathematics. You can click on "Encyclopedia" in the left-side menu to find articles on specific mathematical terms or mathematicians.

Wolfram MathWorld -
This website is a resource for a variety of mathematical concepts. Click on "History and Terminology" in the left-side menu, then click on "Biography" or "History" to view pages about mathematicians or math history.

Sweet Search -
SweetSearch is a Google-powered custom search engine that only searches 35,000 Web sites that a staff of research experts deems credible.